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Baguettes Larousse. © Martin Belderson

Bread, Cakes, and Pastries



Here are some of the specialties for sale on our farmers market stall or baked to order. Prices vary according to ingredients and are set on the day of the market:


Rye swirl loaf

Menhir Sarrasin - a Breton buckwheat loaf

San Francisco sourdough bâtard

Spelt & ale loaf

Prize-winning baguette de tradition

The Pompeii Miche - artisan ancient bread

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

Prices vary from £2.50 for a baguette to £6.00 for the giant Pompeii miche.

Rye Swirl Bread. © Martin Belderson

Cakes and Fancies

Salt Caramel and Raspberry Rose Macarons. © Martin Belderson

The Canelé - a delicious Bordeaux speciality

English light fruit cakes

Macarons - salt caramel or raspberry rose

Roundhay garden loganberry meringue cake

Lake Garda torta di mele (apple cake) / slice

Merveilleux - a Belgian meringue indulgence

Spiced meringues

Orange and sour cherry biscotti

Gateaux and tartes - sold by the slice

Prices range from £1.00 for biscotti to £22-25.00 for gâteaux.

Strawberry Meringue Cake. © Martin Belderson
Mango and Strawberry Fruit Danishes. © Martin Belderson

Pastries and Buns

Gourmet Croissants - lemon glazed walnut

Kugelhopf - the giant Alsatian brioche

Raspberry & rose petite brioches à tête

Gourmet doughnuts - lemon, lime, & mango

Danenuts - unique Danish pastry doughnuts

Chelsea Buns & Hot Cross Buns

Buñuelos - gluten-free doughnuts

Brioche feuilletées - sensational flakiness

Prices vary from £1.50 for Chelsea buns to £6.00 for the kugelhopf.

Raspberry and rose petit brioches à tête. © Martin Belderson
The 'ears' - uplifted crust - of a baguette. © Martin Belderson